Find out how to make your car last forever

Modern cars have evolved over the past several decades, just like technology which surrounds us keeps evolving into new and more advanced machines, gadgets, and, of course, cars. It is now normal to keep driving your car well after the 200.000-mile mark. It is due to a few main reasons. Car manufacturers nowadays use much more advanced materials, lubricants, and fluids to produce cars. Car bodies, chassis, and frames now suffer much less rust because steel, aluminum and other materials used to produce them are made with higher quality, using better manufacturing techniques and combining them with other metals and artificial materials. Furthermore, engines have much greater lifespans due to better, more refined fuels and oils. Also, the EPA emission standards have played an important role because they significantly lowered the minimal levels of contaminants.

Maintenance is the key thing

MaintenanceEven with all these facts in mind, the main reason you can still drive your car today, with 300.000 miles on the clock, is the way you maintain it. It’s not rare to see many 30 and plus-year-old cars on the road today. This is thanks to their meticulous and diligent owners who take good care of them and maintain them properly. The best way to keep your car feeling like new is to follow a few simple rules. Maybe the most important of these is to have a good mechanic. He will always recommend using the right oils, fuels, and other fluids, suitable for your engine. Also, he will always inform you of the right time to service your car. It is smart to pay a little bit more for your mechanic, your oil swap, and repairs so you can be sure the job has been done properly.

Besides regular maintenance inside the engine bay, which includes oil, coolant, power steering and brake fluids, transmission fluid, you should also take care of your car`s body. Make sure you thoroughly wash your car after exposure to snow and road salt to preserve it.

Audi_DrivingTry to drive longer and get rid of the unnecessary weight

Finally, you can also prolong your car`s life depending on the way you drive. For example, short trips have a negative impact on your engine. Take your car on longer trips so that it can achieve the proper working temperature. Also, do not drive your car fully loaded without the need to do so. Make sure you take off all the extra and needless weight.